Instructional Software Development Kit

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Why Custom Instructional Software?

There are numerous sophisticated learning management systems, but sometimes you need a lightweight, special purpose application which takes advantage of mobile and tablet technology. The Instructional Software Development Kit is designed to make it easier to construct customized software, targetting a number of applications in the classroom. These include:

  • Interactive presentations for use in online and seated courses
  • "Clicker" type applications for use in the classroom
  • Virtual labs, such as physics demonstrations
  • Adaptive learning software

How to Quickly Develop Custom Instructional Software?

Stencyl is a 2D game development platform. It allows users to quickly construct an interface, write code, and port to multiple platforms (Web (Flash), Android, iOS, and Desktop--Linux, Windows, Mac). Its Scratch-like interface is easy for novice programmers to pick up. Experienced programmers will find its engine easy to extend.

With a few extensions, Stencyl can be used to quickly develop and publish instructional software. The purpose of the Instructional Software Development Kit is to extend Stencyl's functionality.

What Can be Constructed with this Kit?

As demos, I've included a graphing calculator, clicker, and physics demonstration

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1. You fill need to download and install Stencyl.

Step 2. Download the Instructional Software Development Kit.

Step 3. The Developer's Manual will guide you through the installation process.

Questions? Comments?

Questions about the development kit? Please see my about page for contact information.

Questions about Stencyl? Stencyl has an extensive user community, where you can ask questions about programming and using the development environment. Note the disclaimer, below.

Disclaimer: The Instructional Software Development Kit is not officially associated with Stencyl, LLC. The Instructional Software Development Kit is released under a Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) license. This kit may be used for commercial software, provided attribution, as per the license, is made. The developer who uses this kit assumes all responsibility for maintenance of their copy of the code. No warranty is provided.

Stencyl is copyright Stencyl, LLC.